Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks make headline news everyday. Though it’s mainly high-profile organizations, such as retail chains, the US Government or financial institutions that attract the most attention when their data is compromised, the truth is that any business — of any size — can be a victim.

You’re at risk.

Small and medium businesses are now in the hackers and criminal’s crosshairs. The lack of trained personnel and effective security measures have made the SMB “soft targets”.


The direct costs of a single breach to a small business averages $75,000, which does not include the indirect costs such as damage to reputation/brand, lost customers and wasted productivity. The risk broadens considering that nearly 60% of small and medium business fail within 12 months following an attack.


These are risks small and medium businesses simply can’t afford.

It’s easy.

Small and medium businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place. The lack of trained personnel, budgetary constraints and ineffective controls are challenges all small and medium businesses face when trying to mitigate cyber risk. But, there is hope.


Harbor Technology Group is a cybersecurity consultancy that specializes in cost-effective risk management solutions to help secure your sensitive data, and protect your business from becoming another stat or headline.


Why You Should Choose Us

Harbor Technology Group is one of the top security-consulting firms for small and medium businesses. Harbor specializes in helping organizations understand and mitigate the cyber related risks they face. With enterprise-level expertise, Harbor’s team of experts deliver affordable and forward-thinking services to address today’s security challenges.

Cybersecurity Services

Here are some of the services we offer.


CISO as a Service

Leverage our years of expertise to help your company achieve strategic growth without exposing your systems, data or customers to undo or unknown risks. We supply the best practices, sophisticated maturity models and leadership, necessary to prioritize and strategize cybersecurity, in a powerful and cost-effective manner.


Risk Assessment

Identify risks and the steps to mitigate them with our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment service. This service provides transparency into your security posture, allowing your company to make informed decisions. An extremely cost-effective way for organizations to gain a clear understanding of their overall cybersecurity position.


Architecture & Design

Our Architecture and Design services will help your organization in the development and deployment of proactive cybersecurity defenses. Our focus is to match your business needs with best-in-class security vendors to implement a cost-effective cybersecurity solution. Using our network of security provider partners, we will manage the process through concept, design, procurement and implementation.


Incident Response

In the unfortunate event that your organization has been comprised you will need to move quickly to protect your organization from further harm and implement a plan to restore full functionality. We offer leadership and technical expertise to respond to an incident. Our Cybersecurity Incident Response service provides all the necessary components to get your business back on it’s feet.

Our Leadership Team

We have a team of leading experts here to help you succeed!


Michael brings many years of entrepreneurial and management experience to Harbor. He has worked with both large and medium enterprises to create solutions to better comply with government regulation and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Michael Markulec

Partner & Co-Founder

Matt brings nearly 25 years of information technology and extensive cybersecurity experience to Harbor. He has held a broad range of responsibilities for companies both small and large, ranging from start-ups to multinational financial services organizations.

Matt Webster

Partner & Co-Founder

Joni has spent the last decade in network security driving product adoption, revenue and shareholder value at both early stage and publicly traded companies. She is experienced in all aspects of general management including product marketing, product management, sales management, and M&A

Joni Moore


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Hard Facts About Cyber Security

Shocking facts that every small business owner should know.


of breaches are at small companies



of applications have bad security holes



of leaks target small business owners



security leaks could’ve been prevented


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