What We Do

Our services are designed to meet the cybersecurity needs of small and medium enterprises.  We offer a range of services from cyber risk advisory to virtual CISO consulting to meet specific security requirements without putting a strain on your IT budget.

1. Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Cybersecurity for small and medium enterprises.

Identify risks and take steps to mitigate them with our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment service. Harbor Technology Group provides complete transparency into your overall security posture – allowing organizations to make informed decisions. An extremely cost-effective way for organizations to gain a clear understanding of their overall cybersecurity position.


Harbor Technology Group’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment provides your organization with an independent third-party analysis executed by cybersecurity experts, customized to meet your specific needs.

We will evaluate your organization to provide a seamless overview of the cyber-risks that can result in loss. Our process is designed to help you determine the specific risks that are threatening your enterprise and enable you to prioritize your efforts and resources.

Harbor Technology Group has designed our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to be a painless process allowing you to properly assess and address the cybersecurity risks that could impact the overall success of your business.

Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment has three primary phases:

Risk Threshold Analysis

Developing a clear understanding of your business functions, growth plans, risk concerns, compliance requirements and cyber practices with the goal delivering an assessment that speaks your language.

Data Asset Inventory and Business Impact Analysis:

The nuts and bolts of the project focused on the determination your critical assets and gaps in your cybersecurity efforts and business processes.

Risk Analysis and Evaluation:

Delivery of final assessment identification and prioritization of cybersecurity risks that could impact your business

Harbor Technology Group has designed our Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to be a painless process allowing you to properly assess and address the cybersecurity risks that could impact the overall success of your business.

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2. CISO as a Service

Executive cybersecurity leadership to organizations.

The CISO or Chief Information Security Officer, provides executive cybersecurity leadership to organizations. Leverage our years of expertise to help your company achieve strategic growth without exposing your systems, data or customers to undo or unknown risks. We supply the best practices, sophisticated maturity models and leadership, necessary to prioritize and strategize cybersecurity, in a powerful and cost-effective manner.


Of course, the role and responsibilities of the CISO are no longer a domain exclusive to the large, multi-national organizations. Small and mid-size enterprises are under similar cyber and data security strains as the large enterprises. This presents a unique challenge for smaller organizations to address the ever increasing threats and risks related to cybersecurity. Simply hiring a person to fill the role is an option, but he option comes with the challenges of simply finding the personnel and does place a significant strain on financial resources. A 2014 study by Ponemon cites salaries for CISO’s start at $188,000, with an average between $250,000 and $300,000.


However, the subsequent need for individual thought leadership to drive the development and implementation of cybersecurity strategy and processes in support of an organization’s overall mission does not decline relative to one’s ability to implement the role in their organization. Given this notion, the Harbor Technology Group’s CISO-as-a-service offering was conceived to address this particular need.


Utilizing our CISO management framework, we provide ad hoc, executive cyber leadership and decision making support customized to an organization’s specific mission. Our service is designed to seamlessly integrate our personnel into your organization, making positive impacts in short period of time. Other highlights include:

Initial Cybersecurity Risk Assessment to baseline your organizations security posture

Single point of contact to address your cyber security concerns

Executive leadership to express cybersecurity threats and gaps in business terms

Regular staff training on best practices and latest cyber threats

Expandable to react to specific, pressing cybersecurity needs

Technology agnostic-approach

Harbor Technology Group’s CISO as a Service will allow your organization to make informed and effective business decisions, avoiding the pitfalls of poor or non-existent cybersecurity leadership.

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3. Architecture & Design

Get proactive about your cybersecurity defense.

Harbor Technology Group’s architecture and design services will help your organization in the development and deployment of proactive cybersecurity defenses. Our focus is to match your business needs with best-in-class security vendors to implement a cost-effective cybersecurity solution. Using our network of security provider partners, we will manage the process from concept, design, procurement and implementation.


The core components of this service entails all that you require in the roll-out of cybersecurity solutions.

Justification of business needs and approach

Develop of comprehensive RFPs
Contract and price negotiation
Regular staff training on best practices and latest cyber threats

Procurement process

Implementation of products and services

Harbor Technology Group’s Architecture and Design service does the heavy-lifting, allowing your organization to stay focused on what you do best, running and growing your business.

4. Incident Response

Move quickly to protect and restore.

In the unfortunate event that your organization has been comprised you will need to move quickly to protect your organization from further harm and implement a plan to restore full functionality. 

Harbor Technology Group offers leadership and technical expertise to respond to an incident.  Our Cybersecurity Incident Response service provides all the necessary components to get your business back on it’s feet.


The Incident Response service provides the following capabilities

Identify and mitigate the exposure

Determine the extent and causes of the breach

Manage internal and external communications

Support of ensuing investigations

Develop roadmap to avoid similar exposures in the future


Harbor Technology Group’s Incident Response service will provide your organization with the leadership and technical expertise necessary to protect further damage to your business operations and image.